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Our Story

We’re a female led business started by two friends who share a love for decluttered aesthetics, great quality and attention to detail. The idea behind Gado started with us coming together to find the answer to a simple question – Why is some of India’s highest quality manufacturing prowess dedicated to “export only”?

Whether it’s textiles, metal work, woodwork or other artisanal products, India is one of the premier creative hubs, yet there is an aesthetic which is only reserved for a global audience, to be shipped to the Middle East or the West – reserved for our suitcases to bring back from travels, but not made available to us in our own country.

This was a notion we wanted to challenge. We wanted to create a lifestyle brand with timeless, classic and buildable pieces – those that can grow with us through the phases of our life. High quality pieces which are made to last and to be treasured. Pieces designed & made primarily in India, by India – but made for the world. Pieces which are inspired from nature & its elements – but equally inspired by culture & tradition. The culture & tradition not only of “Indianness”, but of hosting, of coming together over food, and of togetherness in celebrating the smallest of things - a culture of going the extra mile for those we welcome into our spaces.

And so we created Gado, inspired by the Portugese word “sossegado”, which reflects a contented way of living. We aim to create products which make a house, a home - by infusing warmth and comfort into your everyday lives. Simplicity and detailing are the cornerstones of Gado’s offering, with great thought given to the complete life cycle of our products - from wax to wick and beyond.

For Ayesha and Niki, the co-founders of Gado, it's a brand which is truly a labour of love. Ayesha likes fuzzy socks, hot chocolate & formatting excel sheets. After completing her masters from Parson’s school of design, Ayesha went onto work at a leading fashion brand in New York, where she got global exposure into the nuances of visual design, sales & merchandising. When doing up her own home in India and finding gaps in the market, Ayesha got to work on building the brand of her dreams.

Niki likes cold brew coffee, crisp new stationary & the smell of the earth after it rains. She has spent her career balancing her love for storytelling & all things handmade, while constantly being on the look out for the next exciting thing on the horizon. With experience in brand strategy and marketing, and an established jewellery label under her built, she is set to start on her next entrepreneurial venture with Gado.

We toyed with the idea of working together for almost a decade, and finally - multiple lockdowns, a couple of hundred conversations and copious amount of coffee later- we give the world of Gado - a world we hope you’ll enjoy exploring.