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7 easy ways to up your hosting game!

Something to sip on, something to munch on & great company to tie it all in together are the markers of a great dinner party. Here are 7 easy tips which help make hosting a breeze and let you put your best foot forward.
  1. Label things! Dips, breads, cheeses, or place cards for your guests. Labelling things is always a good idea, and it gives you a chance to practice your lettering as well.

  2. Tie a sprig of baby’s breath or greens from your garden to your table napkins and around your table settings. A dash of garden freshness adds to the good juju of spaces.

  3. Bring out your cake & cookie stands! Whether it’s a sundowner in your garden or just two friends over for tea, serving up your cookies and snacks on a cake stand automatically makes it feel like more of a treat.

  4. Make fruit-infused ice cubes for your cocktails and mocktails! Some citrus or strawberries in your ice cubes don’t just add colour & a deeper level of flavour to your drinks, they’ll definitely get you extra points with your guests too!

  5. Use aromas! Light up a candle, make a floral arrangement with a bunch of mogras, put out a diffuser in the powder room. Fragrance can make a huge difference in how inviting a place seems. Our soy wax candles are an excellent option because they won’t just fill your living room with the most heavenly fragrances, they also come with music playlists to match the vibe of each scent!

  6. Serve up mini snacks! Breaking down your snacks into bite-sized munchables is convenient, allows your guests to try everything, and always gets cuteness points!

  7. Pre-prep! Keep out your mixers, get your salad leaves washed and dry and finish off as many tiny tasks before your guests arrive so you can sit back and have the best time instead of spending extra time behind the kitchen counter!


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